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Industrial compound feed production

The estimated total commercial production of complete feeds, supplements and premixes in Canada is 15 million tonnes. When calculated into complete feed equivalent required to feed all livestock and poultry the volume adds up to an estimated 25 to 27 million tonnes.

Total annual

Pigs, dairy and poultry feeds account for app. 85% of the complete feeds manufactured and sold by commercial manufacturers in Canada. Total sales represent over CDN$3.5 billion (US$3.09 billion, €2.43 billion). Pet food is excluded in this figure.

Approximately 50% of the overall complete feed equivalent volume (25-27 million tonnes) required to feed all livestock and poultry in Canada is manufactured on non-commercial on-farm mixing establishments. Based on requirements this volume for various species can be divided as follows:

Source: Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC)


Specific data for the whole country is yet not available. Only for British Columbia a breakdown on feed production figures is supplied by ANAC BC Division.

BC is only a minor feed producer in Canada with a little over one million tonnes of annual production. This does not include pet food, which may be as high as 20-25,000 tonnes. The estimates for pig feed production include on-farm mix production, which is app. 20% of total. Commodities are ingredients sold primarily to dairy and pig producers. Some duplication may exist in these categories, but a large volume of commodity sales go directly from grain suppliers/growers to farm which are not included.

The volume of prairie grain produced is around 937,000 tonnes, of which two thirds (620,000 tonnes) is directly sold to the farms and 11,000 tonnes (15%) is used in aquaculture.

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