News last update:6 Aug 2012

Record number of GMP+ applicants

The registration of the feed trading company Klaus Schröder Agrarhandel in the German town of Hofheim-Wallau as the 7,000 participant is a new milestone for the Dutch feed quality system GMP+ from the Product Board for Animal Feed (PDV).

Klaus Schröder Agrarhandel is a supplier of raw materials to the feed industry. With the GMP+ certificate the company can now also supply grains, such as wheat, barley and oats to Dutch feed millers that have the same certification.

Steady growth of participants
The number of registered participants shows a steady growth. Early 2005 the 6,000 barrier was passed and the number of applicants from the countries in Central and Eastern Europe is growing steadily. Also in Asia and South America companies were certified following the PDV-system.Worldwide GMP+ participants come from 50 countries.

Safety in the feed chain
GMP+ certified companies are only allowed to do business with other GMP+ or similar qualified organisations. This way the safety of the feed chain is warranted. In July 2006 GMP+ was recognised as an international certification standard by the Accreditation Council.Organisations or companies that do not comply with the criteria loose their GMP+ title.

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