News last update:6 Aug 2012

Special feed for healthy milk

The Dutch experimental farm Zegveld is the first farm in the Netherlands that will use a special feed to produce milk rich in good fatty acids. From spring 2007 onwards, Dutch dairy cooperative Campina will market this new healthy milk.

The milk is produced by feeding the cows a special diet which is high in linseed among others. The milk contains 10% less saturated fatty acids and 20% more unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, the amount of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids will be twice as much as in normal milk.

A research project will soon be set up in which 20 dairy farmers will use the new feed and report on the pros and contra's that they will face. If this works out well, around 600 farmers will be selected before the end of the year that will produce the healthy milk for Campina from 2007 onwards. The total production of this healthy milk is estimated at 200 million litres annually.

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