News last update:6 Aug 2012

EurepGap accepts GMP+

EurepGap has accepted the quality code GMP+ 2006 in its certification scheme. In a letter to the Dutch Product Board for Animal Feed (PDV), it says that GMP+ 2006 is conforming the rules that supermarkets set for the production of animal feed.

Farmers that are part of EurepGap are now able to buy feed from GMP+-certificated companies. They can also choose for another feed company that is certified by EurepGap.

Quarantee quality of feed and food

The GMP+ Certification Scheme for the Animal Feed Sector 2006 was adopted on 7 June 2005. With the GMP+ regulation, companies can demonstrably guarantee that animal feeds and animal feed ingredients meet the legal rules and the super-legal requirements which have been agreed with the parties in the chain.

EurepGap stands for Euro Retail Produce Working Good Agricultural Practice. These are the requirements for European farmers regarding food safety, sustainability and quality.


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