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Kazakhstan to produce 20 mln tonnes of grain

According to its soil climatic conditions and production potential Kazakhstan can annually produce about 20 mln tonnes of high-quality grain, reported President of Grain Union of Kazakhstan, Nurlan Tleubayev, at the "Kazakh Grain Forum-2006" on November, 29 in Astana.

Tleubayev said that half of the harvest can be exported, when the sowing areas will be increased with durum wheat and sorghum. Kazakhstan belongs to the six largest grain exporters in the world, and takes third place for flour export after the European Union and Turkey.

The grain industry of Kazakhstan is oriented towards improvements of the quality of production on the basis of the use of advanced technology, high-production techniques that correspond with world standards and focus on strict requirements on production safety.

Talking about further prospects Tleubayev noticed that yield increase will permit the country to harvest about 24-26 mln tonnes of grain per year. Such a production volume will help to solve the problem that was posed by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, concerning entrance of the republic to become one of the five leading wheat exporting countries.

According to Agricultural Ministry in 2006 grain harvest totalled 18.5 mln tonnes. It will be 16.5 mln tonnes in clean weight; about 7.5 mln tonnes from the total volume can be exported. For the last five years annual export of grain from Kazakhstan totalled 3.7 mln tonnes including 3.3 mln tonnes of wheat. Earnings from export totalled $386 mln on average per year.

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