News last update:6 Aug 2012

Fischer Boel launches farming blog

EU farm commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel showed she was moving with the times on Monday, launching a blog on her website.

Her first comment focuses on the need to embrace globalisation and the "huge opportunities" it offers "our excellent farmers and food companies".

EU advantages
Fisher Boel acknowledges that "it is more expensive to produce food in Europe than in Brazil," but emphasises the EU's advantages: "Unequalled standards of animal welfare, environmental protection and food safety; internationally-renowned products with long histories behind them; huge expertise in marketing and promotion." "The need to add value, focus on quality and win new markets will be uppermost in my mind when I visit India in March with a group of top executives from the European food industry," adds the Commissioner.

She concludes: "I'm often asked what my motto is. The answer is simple: Quality, quality, quality!" Whether the responses she gets to her postings follow this maxim remains to be seen.

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