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Reduction in EU feed production 2005/2006

The Spanish feed mill organisation CESFAC and other similar EU organisations have published their first preliminary estimations of the compound feed production in 2006. Overall, a reduction of a few percent was observed compared to the 2005 figures.

In 2006, Spain showed a reduction in feed production of 4.1% compared to 2005 (21,094,000 mt to 20,227,000 mt, pet food excluded). This still makes Spain the third largest feed producer in the EU, after France (21,445,000 mt) and Germany (20,020,000 mt).
Italy produced 4.3% less feed in 2006, compared to the previous year. Belgium and France showed a reduction of 10.4% and 2.5% respectively.
Germany on the other hand increased its feed production by 2.9% in 2006, compared to 2005. This is probably due to more export possibilities to the new EU countries. On average, the European Union showed a reduction of 1.6% (142,742,000 mt to 140,396,000).

The cause of the reduction in production is mainly due to the considerable increase of raw materials prices (particularly cereals).

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