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Antibiotics sale in upward trend

The volume of antibiotics sold for use in animals in the United Stateshas increased in 2006, following a continuous upward trend.

Continuing a trend observed the past two years, the volume of antibiotics sold to treat, prevent and control disease in animals rose in 2006, while the percentage sold to promote growth dropped.

Total production for use in animals rose 8.2%, according to data provided by the research-based companies that produce animal medicines.

One factor that may have contributed to the increase was a 900,000 tonnes increase in US meat production.

Again this year, two classes of compounds, ionophores and tetracyclines, accounted for most of the increase.

Last year 11,975 tonnes of antibiotics were sold for use in farm and companion animals, an increase from 11,067 tonnes pounds sold in 2005. The small percentage of overall production used to enhance growth dropped slightly to 4.6%, down from 4.7% the previous year.

The antibiotic data were collected from a survey of members of the Animal Health Institute (AHI), consisting of companies that make medicines for pets and farm animals.

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