News last update:6 Aug 2012

Austria wins GM corn debate

Austria is allowed to ban two genetically modified corn varieties. At a meeting held today in Luxemburg, the proposition from the European Commission to stop the Austrian exceptional position was not backed enough by other EU ministers.

Austria is the most hesistant to use GMO crops, compared to other EU countries. The European Commission (EC) is not happy with this because the GM corn varieties are approved by EU food safety experts and already used all over the EU and US. The EC therefore tried to push Austria to start using GM corn.

Enough support
The Netherlands, Great Britain, Estonia and Sweden support the commission. According to these countries, the Austrian hesitation was based on "emotions and not on scientific facts", which was already stated by the commission last December. However, Austria received support from 14 other EU countries to keep its exceptional position in banning GM crops.

WTO conflict
Although Austria is happy with the outcome, this move will trigger a conflict at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Argentina, the US and Canada already complained about the stand points from Austria. They say that Austria is violating the international trade rules.

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