News last update:6 Aug 2012

More money for R&D in animal health

Animal Health Institute member companies spent $663 million in 2006 – a 7% increase over 2005-- to research and develop potential new products and to maintain the longevity of existing products, according to AHI's latest Research and Development Survey.

"Keeping animals healthy is critical to keeping people healthy," said AHI President and CEO Alexander S. Mathews.

"The strong investments in research and development have resulted in products that prolong the quality and length of life for our pets and contribute to a safe food supply by keeping farm animals healthy."

Expenditures within categories also track with sales figures, as the biologics category experienced the greatest increase in research and development investment and the largest percentage increase in sales.

The amount of investment directed toward the development of new products rather than maintaining the effectiveness of existing products held steady in 2006.

AHI members were asked to report innovative research, or investments in the search for new animal health products, and maintenance research, or revenue spent in support of existing products.

As in 2005, 2006 innovative research, represented 86% of total R&D spending. The remaining 14% went toward research to ensure the longevity of existing products.

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