News last update:6 Aug 2012

DDGS in pig feed rising as prices drop

According to a Kansas State University animal scientist, the recent lower prices in DDGS suggest producers may want to take a second look at its use in pig diets.

With the seemingly continual rise in ethanol plant construction, DDGS prices have been dropping recently. However, we have always been very cautious about the addition of DDGS, based on some controversy in research results and the high cost of DDGS," said Mike Tokach, swine specialist with K-State Research and Extension. "Some studies have shown negative responses in growth performance, while other studies have shown similar performance to a corn-soybean meal diet."

The price of DDGS in Kansas is still higher than it is in some other areas, he added. But, that could change with increased ethanol production. "A quick rule of thumb for a general evaluation is that if the DDGS price is the same as corn´s, it will create enough savings to justify its use in the diet," Tokach said. The breakeven for DDGS can move from 110 to 130% of the corn price, depending on the cost of other ingredients.

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