News last update:6 Aug 2012

Aussie bulk handlers ready for GM canola

As soon as the market demands GM canola, the major bulk handlers in Victoria and NSW, Australia are ready to handle it.

"Handling of GM varieties is something we do already with different types of commodities, so it is not a new issue. We will take care to ensure the segregations are preserved," GrainCorp managing director, Tom Keene said. Mr Keene is confident there will be no problem with co-existence. There will be extra steps taken initially to ensure there is no chance of contamination. "We will try and make sure the unloading point is unique," Mr Keene said.

What the market want
The decision lay, however, on the market and what the market wanted. Thus far Mr Keene says the only customer concerned about buying GM canola is Goodman Fielder. ABB's quality and technical services manager, Geoff Masters, says his company will react in accordance with the market. "Obviously we won't see much for a couple of years yet but once there are commercial amounts of GM canola being grown we will be driven by commercial needs."

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Source: Farmonline

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