News last update:7 Aug 2012

Companies fined for feed additive cartel

A European court has adjusted fines levied by Europe's competition authority against two companies and upheld a fine on Dutch firm Akzo Nobel NV for participating in an animal feed additive cartel.

The Court of First Instance reduced a fine on Belgian drugs company UCB SA by €8.51 million to €1.87 million; and raised a fine on Germany's BASF AG  by €54,000 to €35 million. The court upheld a €20.99 million fine on Akzo Nobel.

The European Commission imposed fines amounting to €66.34 million on the three companies in 2004 for taking part in price-fixing, market sharing and other anti-competitive practices in the choline chloride market.

The commission said the cartel controlled 80% of the €180 million worldwide market and the €50 million European Economic Area market for choline choride.

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