News last update:6 Aug 2012

Low-phytate barley feeding trial in Vietnam

The US Grains Council is partnering with the Idaho Barley Commission to begin low-phytate barley aquaculture feeding trials in Vietnam.

Approximately 21 metric tonnes of low-phytate barley was shipped Vietnam where it will be field tested.

The barley was donated by the Idaho Barley Commission and the Council arranged for payment of ocean freight.

The low-phytate barley will be studied in relation to its use as feed for Catfish Tra, which is one of the major fish grown in Vietnam, popular for human consumption.

Approximately 70% of the phosphorous in conventional barley exists in the form of phytate which cannot be readily digested by monogastric animals such as fish.

50% reduction in phytate
The new low-phytate barley known as Clearwater has a 50% reduction in phytate, according to research conducted by USDA's National Small Grains Germplasm Research Facility in Aberdeen, Idaho.

Catfish Tra feed currently consists of primarily soybean meal, wheat by-products, fish meal and rice by-products and others.

With increasing US barley production, availability for barley export will logically increase as well, which is the rationale for the Idaho Barley Commission donating the low-phytate barley.

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