News last update:6 Aug 2012

Man badly hurt in mixer accident

A worker in a Scottish feed mill on just before Christmas was seriously hurt after he fell into a feed mixer.

The man suffered serious injuries to his lower body in the accident near the Aberdeenshire village of Insch.

Colleagues at Norvite Animal Nutrition freed him from the machinery before he was taken to the hospital. Because of the man's injuries an air ambulance was called from Inverness.

The man is now recovering after damaging his pelvis and breaking a leg.

Company boss Ed Smith, who was on site when the accident happened, said it had come as a "huge shock". He said: "Thankfully it looks like he will be okay and we're all very relieved."

Smith said it was the first accident in the company's 35-year operation near Insch.

Norvite specialises in making and selling feed for horses, pigs, sheep and cattle.

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