News last update:6 Aug 2012

Russia eyes India for future grain exports

Russia's agriculture minster Alexei Gordeyev said the country is set to boost its grain exports to India.

Gordeyev told Indian ambassador to Russia Prabhat Shukla that the amount of cereals destined both for animal and human use would be increased.

"In my view, we have got an object of strategic partnership with a lot of potential," Gordeyev's press office quoted him as saying to Prabhat Shukla.

"We are talking about Russia's capacities to sell cereals both as food for people and animal feed, as well as to produce them with a view to exporting to India. We should now bring together our production capabilities and your needs for produce," the minister said.

He also pointed out that Russian-Indian cooperation in wheat production should be developed on a long-term basis.

Russia is interested in professional interaction, and is ready to start consultation on related issues at the level of ministries, experts and the business community, according to Gordeyev.

"In this area, we could create special conditions for Russia's private enterprise and set reference points in order to get an idea of how much grain we should produce to meet India's needs," he said.

The minister added that cereals for export to India could be grown in farmlands in Siberia.

Gordeyev announced that in Feb 2008, members of the Russian agricultural business community would go to New Delhi to attend a bilateral business forum.

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