News last update:6 Aug 2012

Skretting reaches 1 million tonnes fish feed

Skretting is about to reach one million tonne in salmon feed that they have delivered this year.

"We continue to build our market share, even in challenging times, and this year we will certainly pass one million tonnes of produced and delivered feed," said Knut Nesse, managing director of Business Group Skretting Salmon Feed.

Skretting companies in Australia, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Norway and the UK are highlighting the occasion with ceremonial deliveries of 'millionth tonne' bags and special gifts for all employees.

Much to be done
Commenting, Wout Dekker, CEO of Skretting's parent company Nutreco, added: "This is a real milestone for the company. The achievement highlights the firm foundation of this young industry. Given the existing size of the salmon industry and the continuing growth of other aquaculture species, I can foresee a day when we will celebrate two million tonnes.
"To reach that point, we need to continue our investments in R&D and bring about many innovations. There is much to be done, for example in fish health and the sustainability of aquaculture. But, when you look back at how far we have developed since we celebrated 100,000 tonnes, it is clear we can achieve remarkable progress and Nutreco is determined to continue that progress."

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Source: Fish Farmer magazine

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