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IFF-International feed compounding course

"Fundamentals and new developments in feed-compounding technology" is an international course to be held from 18 to 22 June 2007 at the Research Institute of Feed Technology IFF in Braunschweig-Thune, Germany.

Based on existing fundamentals and practical experiences, the aim of this course is to update, extend and refresh the required knowledge for modern compound-feed production.

Participants finalise the course with a test, and a positive result returns a certificate to approve the gained knowledge.

Who sould attend?
This course is intended both for junior staff and for practitioners from all sectors of the feed industry. It is also recommended to employees from within the supply industry as it imparts in a concentrated form know-how on feed production as well as the latest insight in product safety and quality which is indispensable for a successful cooperation.

Subjects covered
The following topics will be covered:
• Basic processes and trends in compound-feed production
• Efficient management of raw materials
• Legal requirements
• Admissible and practical tolerances, undesired materials
• Milling and evaluation of the milling success
• Determination and characterization of essential material properties
• Sampling and partitioning
• Dosing
• Mixing and evaluation of the mixture quality
• Reduction of carryover and cross-contamination
• Steam generation, steam properties and conditioning
• Pelleting and pellet quality
• Cooling and drying
• Expanding
• Extrusion
• HACCP in feed mills
• Vacuum coating
• Hygienising of compound feed
• Post pelleting application (PPA) and bulk blending
• Production of premixes
• Constructive explosion protection
• Energy saving
Many subjects will be followed by a practical training.

Participation in the course is a precondition for receiving the workbook. The lectures will be given in English language.

Admission fees:
For the first participant of a company the admission fee is for members of IFF € 990, non-members pay €1,350.

For each further participant of the same company the admission fee is for members of IFF is €660 and for non-members € 900. The fee includes written documents, soft drinks and lunch. Participants have to take care of their own accommodation.

Final registration date is 25 May 2007 at Forschungsinstitut Futtermitteltechnik der IFF, Frickenmühle, 38110 Braunschweig-Thune, Germany - phone: +49 5307 92 22-0, fax: +49 5307 92 22-25, e-mail: iff@iff-braunschweig.de, Website: IFF

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