News last update:6 Aug 2012

Manitoba wants changes in the feed Act

Manitoba is encouraging Ottawa to amend the feed act to allow feed manufacturers more flexibility with respect to minimum levels of phosphorus required in rations, said Manitoba Deputy Agriculture Minister Barry Todd at the latest Manitoba Swine Seminar.

According to the feed act, minimum amounts of phosphorus need to be included in feed rations. However, there are scientific approaches that can allow for lower levels of phosphorus and still provide adequate nutrition for pigs, according to Todd.

Follow up
Todd will follow this up with the federal government to try and encourage them to look at changing the act to provide the flexibility needed for the feed industry to lower phosphorus.
Todd says the changes being proposed would allow feed manufacturers to produce products that will reduce the level of phosphorus in the manure without impaction the nutrition of the animal
He notes it's the availability of phosphorus to the animal that should be the issue, not the total phosphorus in the ration and that will be the focus of discussion.

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