News last update:6 Aug 2012

Biofuels, food and feed conference

The expanding biofuels industry is a global phenomenon impacting agriculture production and processing from China to Brazil. Global perspectives on the industry's implications for production agriculture, the food industry and the feed industry are one part of Farm Foundation's April 12-13 conference, Biofuels, Food and Feed Tradeoffs.

Designed to broaden understanding of the potential scenarios for the future, this conference will feature projections for the domestic biofuels industry, as well as analysis of the global biofuels industry and the potential impacts on food and feed.

The conference will feature findings of research done by industry, academia and the federal government on the diversity and complexity of opportunities and challenges generated by the nation's biofuels industry. The conference will also highlight on-going research in four broad areas of challenges related to biofuels, food and feed: production, distribution and logistics; environmental; co-products; and the global food supply.

Details of the program, registration and hotel information are on the Web at www.farmfoundation.org

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