News last update:6 Aug 2012

Forage inoculant with improved stability

Biotal forage inoculants manufactured by Lallemand Animal Nutrition feature a new formula for improved stability.

This new formulation ensures the product stays viable when mixed with water for application. Once the bacteria in inoculants have been re-activated by mixing with water they begin to produce acids as they do when they are applied to forages.

In many inoculants this is uncontrolled and the bacteria can die off quickly. The new formula protects the bacteria from these potential negative effects, ensuring the bacteria remain viable for an extended period of time. The inoculants are formulated, packaged, and shipped under strict quality control measures to ensure product strength and efficacy.

Greater flexibility
"Stability of the inoculant is a major concern. Our new formulation means that producers have greater flexibility and more assurance that they are indeed applying a live, viable product through liquid application systems," said Dr. Bob Charley, Lallemand Forage Products Manager. "Of course, stability of the bacteria following rehydration is affected by water quality and ambient conditions, so producers should check with their local representative to get a realistic estimation of post-rehydration shelf life for their operation."

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