News last update:6 Aug 2012

US proposes new poultry feed port

United States governors Sonny Perdue of Georgia and Mark Sanford of South Carolina have proposed to build a new joint port authority that could handle poultry exports from the south eastern United States and expedite feed imports for poultry production.

The two states would form a Bi-State Port Authority with a contract to be approved by the two states' legislatures and ratified by the US Congress for a port to be built on land owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation in Jasper County, South Carolina.

Improve poultry industry
A new container port would benefit the poultry industry in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, a region that produces 70% of US chicken meat, by providing an alternative to the higher cost of shipping feed grains and oilseeds from the US mid-west.
Moreover, such a port is seen as a means to improve the poultry industry's capacity to ship poultry products in refrigerated containers to Europe and the Middle East, enhancing US competitiveness against Brazil's poultry exports.

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