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Tainted gluten not used in human food

None of the contaminated wheat gluten that led to the US recall of pet food went to manufacturers of food for humans, according to the ingredient's importer.

The Chinese wheat gluten imported by ChemNutra Inc. all went to companies that make pet foods, Stephen Miller, chief executive officer said. Miller declined to identify what companies ChemNutra supplied. Nearly 100 brands of cat and dog foods made with the ingredient, since found to be chemically contaminated, have been recalled.

FDA testing of the wheat gluten has revealed it was contaminated with melamine, a chemical with a variety of industrial uses, including the manufacture of plastic kitchenware.
ChemNutra said it has recalled 792 tonnes of wheat gluten that it shipped to three pet food makers and a single distributor who in turn supplies the pet food industry. The company said the recall applied only to wheat gluten from Xuzhou Anying, one of its three Chinese suppliers of the ingredient.

The importer shipped the product in 25-kilogram paper bags between Nov. 9 and March 8, when it learned the ingredient was suspected as the cause of the pet food problems. ChemNutra said it then quarantined its wheat gluten inventory. Each bag of wheat gluten included content analysis and test results provided by Xuzhou Anying, ChemNutra said.

"The company is particularly troubled that the certificates of analysis provided by the above-named supplier did not report the presence of melamine," ChemNutra said in a statement.

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