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Use of GM-maize shows positive results

The British agricultaral advisory bureau PG Economics investigated the impact of GM maize in seven EU member states. They concluded that using GM maize improves the yield and also increases profit for farmers. Also animal health is better because GM maize contains lower levels of mycotoxins.

The report reviews data on the impacts linked to the use of genetically modified (Bt) maize resistant to two important insect pests – the European corn borer (ECB) and the Mediterranean stem borer (MSB) in the European Union (EU) since this crop was first approved for planting in 1998.

Maize results
The researchers found that in 2006, approximately 65,000 ha of Bt maize were planted in seven EU member states. In maize growing regions affected by ECB and MSB, the primary impact of the adoption of Bt maize has been higher yields compared to conventional non-genetically modified (GM) maize. Average yield benefits have often been +10% and sometimes higher. Other findings included that in 2006, users of Bt maize have, on average, earned additional income levels of between €65 and €141/ha. This is equal to an improvement in profitability of +12 to +21%. In certain regions, Bt maize has delivered important improvements in grain quality through significant reductions in the levels of mycotoxins found in the grain.

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