News last update:6 Aug 2012

Waste food recycled in feed and pet food

Irish company Food Surplus Management (FSM) recycles packaged food which is no longer fit for sale-into food into products for the pet food, animal feed, technical and bio-fuel industries. The processing plant can recycle up to 400 tonnes of raw material per week.

FSM specialises in the recovery of short-dated and out of date packaged food products for the wholesale and retail food sector in Ireland. It has been granted a licence to handle material which was originally fit for human consumption, but is becoming short-dated or out of date, including meat and dairy products, food factory waste, food waste from supermarkets and other retail outlets, and food waste from wholesalers and distributors. FSM also handles products which fail quality standards, and damaged or recalled products.

Solution for waste food
At the presentation of the plant licence to FSM, Enterprise Minister Micheál Martin said FSM provides manufacturers and retailers with an EU-compliant solution for handling high quality packaged waste food. FSM sales and marketing director Niall J Lord said the company offers a cost effective and environmentally compliant alternative to landfill.

Complete product destruction
According to the company, one of their customers' greatest fears is that short-dated or redundant material might re-enter the market. FSM ensures this does not happen, guaranteeing complete product and brand destruction. All suitable packaging is recycled.

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