News last update:6 Aug 2012

Quarter of US maize taken up by ethanol

The fuel ethanol industry will absorb 27% of this year's US maize, projected to be a record 12.46bn bushels, according to the US Dept. of Agriculture.

Some 3.4 billion bushels of maize - enough to make 9.3 billion gallons of ethanol - will be used by distillers in the marketing year beginning on 1 September, compared with 2.15 billion bushels or 20% of the 2006 crop, according to USDA forecasts.

US ethanol output is on track to double to more than 12 billion gallons a year by the end of this decade. There are 117 distilleries in operation now in the US with annual capacity of 6 billion gallons. Projects with 6.5 billion gallons of capacity should be completed within two years.

Note: 1 bushel = approximately 35 litres

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