News last update:6 Aug 2012

AB Agri acquires Nutrition Trading

Associated British Agriculture (AB Agri Ltd) in the UK has acquired the specialist protected fat business of Nutrition Trading.

Nutrition Trading, formed in 1988, has built up a leading position in the development and supply of protected fat products into key dairy farming markets throughout the world.

More recently, the company has grown strongly in the UK market, driven by excellent relationships with key suppliers, and its ability to develop and market new protected fat products that offer real benefits to livestock farmers.

Nutrition Trading will become part of AB Agri's wholesale offering under the Trident banner. This will utilise Trident's access to the UK's compounder, blender and merchant market to help grow the business's sales. The main brands include the protected fats Butterfat Extra and Golden Flake.

Butterfat Extra is rich in palmitic acid which specifically helps to promote milk fat levels, important for dairy producers on butterfat contracts.

Golden Flake is fed to dairy cows to help boost milk yield and energy status. Due to the technologies used, it is more palatable and more energy dense than many of the competitor products.

The new business will be run under the management of Trident's Richard Cross from offices near Hereford, alongside AB Agri's existing White Gold and WildCare initiatives.

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