News last update:6 Aug 2012

Medigrain eyes on Brazilian raw materials

Medigrain, a Tunisian company which sells agricultural commodities, wants to import 200,000 tonnes of maize and 100,000 tonnes of soy chaff per year from Brazil. The company sells its produce to animal feed factories in Tunisia and in Syria.

"If I buy directly from Brazil the cost will be lower, because I will save the profit margin that would otherwise go to an intermediary," general director Medigrain Abdelmajid Bouzidi said.

Medigrain currently buys from large multinational companies such as Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, and Bunge. Bouzidi came in contact with Brazilian maize when purchasing maize from Louis Dreyfus. He realised that maize from Brazil was very high quality.

Storage capacities
The product commercialised by Medigrain is sold to animal feed factories in Tunisia and Libya. The company owns silos in the Port of Sousse with storage capacity for 65,000 tonnes of grain. In the next three years, according to Bouzidi, capacity should increase to 100,000 tonnes.
In the city of Sfax, located further to the South of the country, the company has premises with storage capacity for another 23,000 tonnes. It employs 100 people and has an annual revenue of 70 million dinars (US$ 53.8 million).

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