News last update:6 Aug 2012

Neville Chandler resigns from NRA

After 17 years of commitment Neville Chandler, director of the US National Renderers Association for Europe, Middle East & Africa, is resigning his job by the end of July and will return to Australia.

Chandler decided to move back to Australia and "enjoy life without the hassles of government intervention in the use of rendered products".

He worked for NRA for 17 years in all, firstly as technical consultant for 7 years (1987-1994) and then 10 years as regional director (1997-2007).

The office in the United Kingdom will be closed. Discussions are being conducted in Washington as to how the region will be serviced in the future.

In his last editorial in NRA's periodical Chandler said the major trust of his job was EU legislation, "keeping abreast of it and attempting to ensure that such legislation did not impact on US exports to the EU".

Politics changed the matter
"The feed industry and agriculture in general was now becoming one large focus for political action. No longer were agriculturalists producing more food for the starving millions and attempting to do it in the most efficient way, production was not to be done in a politically correct way."

Chandler does not regret to go back to Australia. "A lot of fun has gone out of the industry with the introduction of stringent regulations […] and still people are starving through inadequate food production. It's time for a change", he said.

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