News last update:6 Aug 2012

Feed company De Heus keeps growing

Privately owned feed manufacturer De Heus, based in The Netherlands, is taking over the family business of O. Bouman, also in The Netherlands.

Through its strategy of continuous growth De Heus in the mean while is the largest feed manufacturer in the Netherlands. Total volume adds up to 1.8 million tonnes and the company claims a 15% share of the national market; 11 of its 19 feed plants are based in The Netherlands.

"We always want to grow. If you look at the Dutch market the strategies of the feed manufacturers do not differ much," managing director Co de Heus said in an interview in Dutch national farmers weekly Boerderij .
"In the end the execution of the strategy determines how successful you are. […] And we seem to do this a little bit better than our competitors," Co de Heus adds.

Many take-overs
Ten years ago the growth (by acquisition) strategy was effectuated by taking over feed manufacturers Brokking and Koudijs Wouda. After that Sondag Voeders was acquired and this year also Van Eck Veevoeders and now Bouman have been incorporated. Koudijs Feed in the Netherlands specialises in the export of concentrates, premixes, pre-starters, veal breading milk, pellet feed for piglets and other special feeds.

In Denmark the company sells mainly milk replacers through its subsidiary Bossprodukter

Eastern Europe important market
But not only in the Netherlands De Heus is taking over (family owned) feed manufacturers, the company has also a strong presence in Poland and Czech Republic (SKS). In Russia feed is sold through the dealer network of MKorma.

With 700,000 tonnes Poland is the second largest market for De Heus Koudijs Hima. This volume is supposed to grow to one million tonnes. Furthermore a joint venture with a feed company in Egypt has been established, named Koudijs Kapo. In China De Heus has a 15% share in a feed facility with an annual sale of 1 million tonnes (premixes, concentrates and complete feed). The company is now exploring opportunities in South Africa.

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