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Agrifirm members divide 7 million Euro

Members of the Dutch feed company Agrifirm will receive an extra bonus of 1.5% of the total profit that they will generate with the cooperation. The money will be paid out every December, starting this year.

The total amount accounts to €7 million for the coming year, the company said yesterday. The member profit is approximately €1,000 per member, said Director Ton Loman. Large members can even collect €5,000-10,000.
There is no maximum and new members will build a credit from the time that they buy feed or sell grain to Agrifirm.

Good company results
"The reason for the introduction of this extra bonus (on top of the standard member profit at the end of the year, dependent on the end of year results) is because the company is doing very well, comments Loman". "Also 2007 was an excellent year, and we have looked for a fair way to share the good results with the members of our firm".  

Unique system
It has been the first time that Agrifirm is using this member profit. According to Loman, Agrifirm is also the first feed cooperation that is using such a system. Members are positive and Loman expects to see an increase in new members the coming year, although this has not been the reason for the company.

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