News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cargill's nutrient profile test now available

Cargill Animal Nutrition has made the REVEAL system available for customers. The REVEAL system is a core process used to identify the nutrient profile of animal feed ingredients or diets, providing a reliable process by which they can measure and manage nutrients.

"Nutrient measure represents a cornerstone of nutrition," said Cargill Animal Nutrition's Mark Knief, Global Consulting Services general manager.

"While wet chemistry has traditionally been the industry standard for acquiring these nutrient measures, wet chemistry procedures have continued to improve based on the equipment, analytical procedures, laboratory information and nutrients analyzed, along with other, more timely procedures."

According to Knief, the REVEAL system provides a coordinated approach, including wet-chemistry and near-infrared-red (NIR) measures that link to related processes to buy, sell or formulate ingredients in real time. "The speed of business has often outpaced the lab's speed to support decisions in using ingredients. "This paradigm has shifted today by linking real time measurement to value creation in our customers' businesses through the use of the REVEAL system," said Knief.

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