News last update:6 Aug 2012

EC needs more time for GM discussion

After failing to meet Friday's deadline, the European Commission has been given more time to bring EU countries on the same track regarding the cultivation and use of GM crops.

The Commission has indicated it needs more time to work with the member states to bring their national regulations in line with global trade laws. The new deadline suggested by Canada is February 11. Meanwhile, Argentina will further extend the deadline to June 11 before considering action against Europe. US officials have not yet said if it will also accept an extended deadline, or push for immediate sanctions.

Member states ban GM
Austria enforced a ban on the import and processing of Monsanto's MON810 and Bayer's T25 maize in June 1999. Last week, France complicated the matter when it chose to extend its temporary ban on the cultivation of MON810, applying the same EU measure by arguing the costs to health posed by GM crops.

The Commission biotech steering group will now meet on 24 January to further discuss the issues.

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