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Early bird fee for Asian feed conferences

January 15 is the final day to qualify for early booking discounts to Aquafeed Horizons Asia and Feed Ingredients & Additives Asia Pacific conferences, set to take place in Bangkok on March 5 and 6, 2008.

Combined conference registration and group booking discounts will still apply throughout the reservation period but the organizers encourage you to book as soon as possible to ensure your place.

During Victam
These conferences, which will be held during the Victam Asia and FIAAP trade shows, will present feed industry professionals with the very latest information on ingredient availability and quality, processing know-how and novel ingredients to boost their formulation arsenal.

Aquafeed Horizons Asia Topics:
- Aquafeed and aquaculture production and policies in Thailand
- Pheromone-based feeding attractants for sustainable aquaculture
- Promoting animal health through feed
- Improving palatability in shrimp feeds
- Starter diet production technology
- Ingredient trends and effects on extrusion process
- Technical advances in extruded shrimp
- Krill as a feed source for aquaculture
- Beyond pre-conditioning – reducing carbon footprint and Increasing quality Sustainable Production of a High Quality Fishmeal Substitute – Ento-Protein
- Innovation in Closed Containment System Technology, the Aqua-Sphere

Feed Ingredients & Additives Asia Pacific (FIAAP) Conference topics:
- Southeast Asia Animal Feed Additives Market: Overview And Trends
- Raw Material Supply And Demand – Are They In Balance? 
- A Comparison Of Digestible Protein And Amino Acids Content And value Of Terrestrial Animal Protein Meals For Aquafeeds
- Fishmeal and Oil Review
- Amino Acid Content In Fishmeal Shows High Variation
- Natural Ingredients – Product Opportunities And Process Issues
- Mycotoxins In Animal Nutrition - Problems And Solutions
- Bacterial Contamination Of Feed And Feed Ingredients – Importance Of control For Food Safety And Animal Performance
- Efficacy Of Phytogenics In Commercial Layers
- A sustainable alternative to antibiotic growth promoters in poultry nutrition - Turning Bad News Into Good News – Feeding Opportunities For The Asia Pacific Animal Industry To Maximize Profitability
- A Healthy Gut For Optimal Performance Through Target Release concepts In Animal Diets

The full program, sponsorship information, registration form and brochure are available on the conference websites at: www.aquafeed.info and www.feedconferences.com or contact: conferences@aquafeed.com.

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