News last update:6 Aug 2012

Fefana adds feed additives info on website

Fefana, the EU Feed Additives and Premixtures Association, has launched its new informative web pages on feed additives authorisation consortia, describing scope, object and membership, displaying a very helpful Questions and Answers document as well as outlining the terms for the set up of the additives working list for each established consortium.

The information has been developed with the aim of providing information for visitors on the different Feed Additives Authorisation Consortia created so far by Fefana: AMAC - Amino Acids Authorisation Consortium, CARAC - Carotenoids Authorisation Consortium, FFAC - Feed Flavouring Authorisation Consortium, TREAC - Trace Elements Authorisation Consortium and VITAC - Vitamin Authorisation Consortium.

Authorisation consortia
The website also contains a list of authorisation consortia (the European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIGs)), including a general structure of each EEIG as well as principles of the consortia and instructions on how to apply for membership. There is also a Questions and Answers Sheet regarding the establishment of consortia for the re-evaluation of feed additives as well as a list of members for each consortium.

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