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Galenica: new medine registration platform

Sequent Scientific Ltd., based in Bangalore, India, and Orffa International Holding B.V. headquartered in Werkendam, the Netherlands have established Galenica B.V.,a joint venture company, according to Dutch law. This newly founded company will act as a registration platform for new generic veterinarian drug registration according to the latest European guidelines.

The objective of Galenica is to exploit the synergies between the outstanding registration and production competences of Sequent Scientific, and the market knowledge as well as the network of Orffa International, in order to develop in a close collaboration with the veterinarian laboratories, new EU level registration for existing and new generic drugs. This in view of the ever more strict registration procedures imposed on the veterinarian industry, which renders the registration of generic drugs time-consuming and expensive.

About the companies
Sequent Scientific Ltd, formerly known as Strides Research & Specialty Chemicals td., is a company engaged in contract research, analysis, manufacturing of specialty chemicals, niche APIs and Animal Health. Sequent group is India's largest producer of Animal Health API. Sequent is aiming at the development and production of veterinarian drugs on a global basis, and has as main USP's its scientific development departments, specialised in drug development, as well as its state of the art, GMP qualified production sites.

Orffa International Holding B.V. is a leading European marketing and sales company, active in the animal health and nutrition market. Orffa has an extensive global network of suppliers of high quality ingredients for animal feeds and veterinarian drugs. Orffa has contacts with over 1000 customers, from veterinarian laboratories to feed operators. Orffa enjoys strong partnerships with leading producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients for veterinarian applications.

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