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Lively International Feed Expo in Atlanta

In contrary to previous years, the 2008 edition of the International Feed Expo in Atlanta, USA is much more alive. Important issues such as the higher feed costs and the feed-food-fuel issue is probably the reason why more US feed professionals are visiting this year's show.

Due to the high feed prices, American feed compounders are now looking for using alternative ingredients, something that a few years ago had no priority when there was abundant corn and soy available for low prices.

New approaches
When using new or alternative ingredients this requires new approaches to recipe formulation and it is these companies that have busy times at their stands. Also companies that offer products for better digestion of ingredients attract a lot of attention.

The first day of the show (Tuesday) was marked by busy isles and lively discussions at the booths. Remarkable is the large presence of Chinese exhibitors. After Canada they were the largest group of foreign exhibitors at the show.

The American Feed Industry Association tries to create awareness among the visitors of the Expo for better taking care of the environment and the handling of waste. A special street was reserved fro companies that work in these fields. This so-called Eco-Innovation street is certainly a subject that will be increased in next exhibitions.

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