News last update:6 Aug 2012

Researchers make bio-diesel from peanuts

Researchers at the National Peanut Lab in Dawson, USA will use peanuts for bio diesel. The USDA scientists set up a peanut distillery at their lab, and began making the bio-diesel this month.

The peanuts will be crushed into smaller pieces and then put into an expeller where the peanut oil is crushed out of the nuts.  Diesel engines could run off the peanut oil, but researchers are mixing it with petroleum products for the best bio-diesel mixture. 

Researchers say they want to be able to show farmers the best way they can make their own fuel. Research Agronomist Dr. Wilson Faircloth said "no we control the cost of fuel by the way we grow the peanuts and the investment we put in the crop. Also it helps the rural economy, because it keeping the money here." Researchers are producing 200 gallons of peanut oil a week now in their bio-diesel distillery.

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