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Adisseo to remain strongest in vitamins

In the last decade, many changes have occurred in the worldwide vitamin business. But a recent survey showed that Microvit® from Adisseo is still one of the best known brands of vitamins in the feed industry.

Fifty years ago, the first tonne of Microvit® A was produced at Adisseo's historical production site at Commentry in France. François Pellet, Microvit® Global Sales Manager at Adisseo: "We are currently supplementing approximately 200 million tons of feed each year with at least one Microvit® product in more than 100 countries. Our objective is to offer a full range of vitamin products. For a significant part of this portfolio we have an ambitious growth target of approximately 10% per year for the following years".

Growth in the vitamin market will be achieved by investing in five dimensions of the business: Pellet: "The first one was announced at the end of 2007, with the investment of €5 million at Adisseo's Microvit A production plant in France The second one is related to the development of strong partnerships with third-party vitamin producers to whom we are offering access to a major part of the world feed market via our sales channels. The third one is related to our very stringent quality control procedures for which the goal is simple: zero default! The fourth one is related to the improvement of our supply chain: a major step of this already started at the beginning of 2008 with the opening of a new global warehouse in Shanghai which has greatly improved the reliability of our deliveries, worldwide. Lastly is innovation in which Adisseo has committed to invest €3 million per year for the period 2008-2010. "A very significant part of this investment is dedicated to developing new product formulations" adds Frank Chmitelin, Executive Director for Microvit® and Rhodimet®.

New communication campaign
In order to support this growth strategy, Adisseo has also decided to launch a new communication campaign. The new advertisement, under the banner 'Anywhere you are, the vitamins you need' will start to appear from October 2008.

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