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CaroTech® is invited speaker at Aqua 2008

Carotenoid Technologies SA (CaroTech®) of Tarragona, Spain has been invited to speak at one of South America's principal aquaculture venues, Aqua 2008.

Sponsored by the National Committee on Aquaculture and the National Center of Aquaculture Research (CENAIM) , the conference runs from October 6-9, 2008 and unites national and international experts from around the world on the trends and progress on aquaculture diversification, shrimp health and diseases, shrimp culture, and the aquaculture market.

Dr. Chris Kamel, Technical Director of CaroTech®, will speak on the "Use of plant extracts to improve productivity in shrimp." The speech will focus on the current legislation around the use of plant extracts in aquaculture, opportunities for their use, highlighted by the results from preliminary trials together with the Department of Aquaculture at Kasetsart University in Thailand with their alternative performance enhancer for fish and shrimp, NEXT Enhance® 150.

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