News last update:6 Aug 2012

Grain smoldering at US Purina Mills plant

Fire and rescue crews were called to the Purina Mills plant in Washington County, USA on Wednesday morning after officials say a grinder motor overheated, causing some of the grain inside the plant to burn.

Officials say the fire was slow smoldering, and although there were no flames, some of the burnt grain was brushed into the plant's storage bin. Crews were afraid that grain inside the plant would catch fire, so they offloaded all five tons of grain to avoid a potential fire.

Deputy Chief Ed Ernst with the Maryland State Fire Marshal said, "One of the hazards that we had is a dust hazard.  There's a lot of dust that travels throughout the building when the grain's moving.  Also when grain like that catches on fire or burns, it falls down inside and continues to smolder until you have a fire inside."

Ernst added that the height of the building made it harder for crews to get up to the potential trouble area.

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