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Agromek ready for record attendance

Agromek will again be an extensive, large, strong and magnificent international class machinery exhibition in Herning according to Mr. Peter Hansen, managing director of Cormall Agro Holding A/S and chairman of the exhibition committee. Agromek will kick off tomorrow and will last until 29th November.

This year's Agromek will be the largest Agromek ever. This time the show has 580 exhibitors, and a total of 1,500 enterprises from 35 countries are represented at the exhibition.

"I am proud that we have succeeded in strengthening Agromek so that it is now the exhibition for agriculture, for the green sector as well as for building and site contractors, Peter Hansen states. And I am particularly proud that we have succeeded - through goal-directed efforts - in bringing together a wide range of enterprises, trades and industries at Agromek, and that several large suppliers of agricultural machinery are now back as exhibitors after opting out of Agromek for some years."

Different concept
Now an entirely new era in the history of Agromek begins, partly because the exhibition is moved from January to November, and partly because in future the exhibition will vary highly from one year to the next, Peter Hansen continues.

Suppliers of machinery and implements for fieldwork will exhibit at this Agromek and then every second year. Far the majority of suppliers of technology and equipment for the mechanisation of livestock buildings will continue to exhibit at Agromek every year. Therefore, the name of our exhibition in even years will be Agromek and in odd years Agromek-Livestock, the chairman of Agromek adds.

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