News last update:6 Aug 2012

China: animal feed products melamine-free

Meat products from China that have been tested so far are melamine-free. Also, preserved eggs and animal feed that were tested have been reported to be free from melamine, according to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA).

Goh Shih Yong, AVA spokesman has stated that, "Salted and preserved duck eggs from China and meat products such as canned luncheon meat have tested negative for melamine."

In Hong Kong and China in September last month, three brands of chicken eggs from China tested positive for excessive levels of melamine, leading to their recall from retailers in Hong Kong. China also stopped exports from major egg company Hanwei Group, whose eggs were discovered to contain nearly double the legal melamine limit for foodstuffs in Hong Kong.

Testing to continue
Reports state that the AVA will continue testing China-made food products. The tests have been expanded to include products high in protein, meat products and animal feed. As it stands to date, more than 3,200 types of milk and milk products, chocolates, biscuits, non-dairy creamers and other foodstuffs have been tested.

The number of melamine-tainted items discovered in Singapore has increased to 33, since the beginning of the global food scandal in September.

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