News last update:6 Aug 2012

Sintofarm to distribute Formi® in Italy

Sintofarm has received the rights for all the products in the Formi® range for distribution in Italy.

Sintofarm, a well know supplier to the animal health and feed industry has worked with Formi® before. As such, the producer of Formi®  – Addcon - confirmed its strategy for long-term business relationships with its partners and signed a new agreement with Sintofarm.

Formi® is a potassium salt of formic acid and has a strong anti-microbial effect and is an effective digestibility enhancer. The product range now comprises of three products, each optimized for the use in swine, poultry and fish respectively. The new Formi® NDF, which is designed for the use in poultry diets, will be launched at the EuroTier.

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