News last update:7 Aug 2012

Biomin has new distributor in Yemen

Deer Ltd company, was appointed by BIOMIN as a new distributor for the Yemeni market and BIOMIN products will therefore be available in Yemen as soon as the registration process is finished. This will be the first time that BIOMIN products will be sold in Yemen.

Salman Abbas, responsible area manager of BIOMIN, visited Yemen in October 2008 to visit a few poultry farms as well as major poultry companies in Sana'a. Meetings with different officials in the ministry of agriculture, the registration department and the syndicate of veterinarians were part of the trip's agenda as well.

BIOMIN's distributor in Yemen, Mr. Ali Alnini organized a training session for the veterinarians at the animal resource secretariat. The training focused on the role of acidifiers in modern feed. The training was attended by around 25 veterinarians from the private and public sector, and it was followed by a very fruitful discussion.

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