News last update:6 Aug 2012

Board changes at Emfema

EMFEMA, the International Association of the European Manufacturers of Major, Trace and Specific Feed Mineral Materials has reorganised its team.

Benoît Courtin, President since the foundation of EMFEMA in 1996, passed on his responsibilities to Grit Monse (Retorte GmbH Selenium Chemicals and Metals – Germany). Grit is the Head of Quality Control and has a wide experience in the field of analytical methods, legislative matters and others. Three Vice Presidents were nominated: Luc Bertaux Atécé Ankerpoort – Belgium), Rik de Belder (Tessenderlo Chemie N.V. – Belgium) and Emilio Manica (Manica S.p.a. – Italy).

As Board Members were nominated: Ingo Biertumpel (Grillo Werke – Germany), Nadia Finet (Erachem Comilog S.A. – Belgium), François Guibert (Afca Cial – France), Sven-Olof Malmqvist (Yara Helsingborg AB – Sweden), Silvia Peiró (Sepiolsa – Spain), María Pilar Perez de Asis (Magnesitas Navarras S.A.), Nicolas Theophilou (Geohellas S.A. – Greece), Olivier Turbet-Delof (Salins – France).

Theo Dubois will continue as Secretary General. With this new team, EMFEMA will reinforce its presence in the animal feed industry, not only in Europe, but also globally as an active member in IFIF.

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