News last update:7 Aug 2012

GlucaFeed now registered in Canada

Biorigin, a Brazilian company that operates in the yeast market for Animal Nutrition and Food Ingredients, announces the registration of the product GlucaFeed in Canada.

GlucaFeed, the same as MacroGard, is a product based on natural ingredients, rich in beta 1.3 - 1.6 glucans, which has a strong presence in the global animal nutrition market and proven benefits for livestock, pets and aquaculture. The product became part of the Biorigin portfolio after the acquisition of the Norwegian company Immunocorp Animal Health, currently called Biorigin Scandinavia. "With the GlucaFeed register, Biorigin expands its participation in the Canadian market and offer at the customers the best alternative in beta-glucan." - says Mrs. Paula Curiacos, Biorigin Animal Nutrition Manager.

Biorigin (established in 2003) is the business unit of the company Zilor responsible for the sector of natural ingredients for human foods and animal nutrition. It manufactures and markets yeasts and their byproducts. Its Animal Nutrition products include prebiotics (agglutinants of enteric pathogens), organic minerals, immunomodulators, etc., for poultry and swine production, aquaculture, and pet food. The Food Ingredient line produces yeast extracts that enhance the flavor of foods.

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