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Buhler shows 8.5% growth in 2007

Buhler Technology Group reported sales of CHF1,835 million (€1,137 million) in the year 2007. This is 8.5% more than in 2006.

Overall, the Group benefited from a sound market environment, although some customer segments responded to the rise in grain prices and the stiff competition in the automotive industry by restraining their capital spending.

Growth per region
Growth was very sharp in Buhler's major market regions. In Europe, the Group boosted its order bookings by 15%, with especially East Europe achieving above-average growth of 20%. The region of North, Central, and South America increased its order intake by some 24%. In the other regions, the situation was more diverse. In Africa, order bookings declined once again. Despite political and economic turmoil, business in the Middle East and in China remained constant. India, on the other hand, improved markedly.

The detailed financial statement and annual report will be published for the Annual Media Conference 2008. The conference will be held in Uzwil on April 3, 2008. 

About Buhler
The Buhler Feed Milling business unit supplies complete feed and bio energy manufacturing installations including the associated services.

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