News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cheap starch not good for Korean feed

Increasing grain prices and a shortage of corn due to a surge in bioethanol production are significantly impacting on the South Korean feed industry. According to agriculture to aquaculture specialists Kiotechagil, corn supplies are dwindling and some mills are expecting to run out of wheat in the next few months.

Murray Hyden, chief technical officer at Kiotechagil explained, "South Korea has a strong and growing animal feed industry but this situation has lead to a change in the feed formulations used in Korea. Feed mills are now buying any starch materials that they can, and imports of manioc starch are increasing to make up the deficit." 

"Manioc starch lost popularity in Europe due to slow gelatinisation through pelleting operations," explained Hyden. "Conditioning times in Korea are very short at 10 – 15 seconds rather than the 60 seconds normally used in the UK.  Short conditioning times do not pregelatinise the manioc and as a result pellet quality is falling."

Hyden suggests the use of a low inclusion binder like Kiotechagil's MASTERCUBE which will compensate for the slow gelatinisation of manioc starches.  It will also reduce the need for double conditioning and double pelleting and can therefore replace expensive and increasing energy costs with an easy to use formulation change.

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