News last update:6 Aug 2012

ND state mill may switch to CAN wheat

North Dakota wheat growers are disappointed that a state-owned mill may buy grain from Canada. The North Dakota mill was build to benefit the (wheat) producers of North Dakota, not the Canadians said Byron Richard, a Belfield farmer who is president of the North Dakota Grain Growers Association.

"We're a large exporter of wheat. I find it a little inconceivable, perhaps, that we can't find enough bushels within our own state to feed our state mill," Richard said Wednesday.

Domestic wheat will run out
Vance Taylor, the mill's general manager, commented that the mill has not yet bought Canadian hard red spring wheat or durum. It will not do so unless U.S. supplies are exhausted, he said. Grain industry analysts believe it is possible that domestic wheat will run out this year.

"We don't plan to buy any Canadian grain unless we absolutely have to," he said. "It's been said out there that it's a price issue, that (the state mill) wants to buy Canadian grain because it's cheaper. That is absolutely not true."

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